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  • Juvenile Justice (Defense of Minors)
  • Providing Support
  • Educational Laws
  • School Suspension and Expulsion
  • DSS Abuse and Neglect Actions
  • Status Offenses Such as Truancy
  • Medical Treatment & Immunizations
  • Alcohol & Minors
  • Issues Concerning Daycares & Preschools
  • Car Seats/Restraints
  • Auto Accidents Involving Young Drivers
  • Underage Drinking & Driving
  • Criminal Laws Regarding Sexual Activity
  • Much more!

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Stephan Futeral’s and Thomas Nelson’s eBook, “Laws Every Parent in South Carolina Should Know,” is available for FREE on the iTunes® Bookstore or as a PDF. They wrote this book based on over 30 years of combined experience helping parents in South Carolina with family law issues, defense (juvenile justice) of minors, injury claims for children, school-related issues such expulsions, claims against parents for property damage or accidents caused by children, and much more.

The ONLY Comprehensive Legal Guide for Parents in South Carolina

Our FREE eBook is #1 legal guide for parents in South Carolina. It will help you understand your most important legal rights and your legal responsibilities as a parent in South Carolina; it’s a MUST READ.

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We respect your privacy. That’s why you don’t need to fill out a form to download the book. However, we regularly update this book to keep up with changes in the law or to add new sections. If you download the iBooks version, the updates are automatic. If you download the PDF version, you can choose to receive an email from us whenever we update the book. You WON’T be put on any mailing lists, you WON’T receive any solicitations from us, and we’ll ONLY use your email to send you notice that a book update is available.

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If you're a parent in South Carolina, then our FREE eBOOK will guide you and educate you about your legal rights and your legal responsibilities. It's the ONLY comprehensive legal guide for parents in South Carolina!

Laws Every Parent in South Carolina Should Know

This FREE eBook for parents has practical information on South Carolina’s juvenile justice laws, educational laws including expulsion and suspension, alcohol and minors, issues involving daycares and preschools, and much more.