South Carolina’s Person Injury Laws

Should SC Lawyers Advertise Settlements and Verdicts?

There is a local attorney I know who shows up in my social media feeds. It seems like every day this lawyer is boasting about settling this case for BIG BUCKS or settling that case for many $$$$$. This lawyer’s posts got me thinking about whether attorneys in South...

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What are South Carolina’s Motorcycle Laws?

In this article, the Charleston injury attorneys of Futeral & Nelson explain South Carolina's motorcycle laws by answering frequently asked questions. Whether you just got your first bike or have been riding for years, it is important to know the laws that apply...

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What Are South Carolina’s Boating Laws?

As criminal defense attorneys and personal injury lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina, we have many clients who own and who operate recreation boats on our waterways. We've handled boating accident cases, charges of boating under the influence (BUI), and other cases...

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How Should Lawyers Handle Conflict with Other Lawyers?

I have an expression - “Good lawyers don’t just try cases; they try to resolve them.” Why do I mean by that? I mean that good try to find a resolution that minimizes their client’s attorney fees, reduces their client’s exposure in court, and resolves their client’s...

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The Consequences of Playing Games in Discovery

In Charleston and elsewhere, if you're a lawyer who handles personal injury claims, family court cases, or other types of litigation, then you deal with discovery in these lawsuits. In a civil lawsuit between two businesses that I've been handling for the past few...

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Drunk Drivers & Car Accidents in South Carolina

As both personal injury lawyers in Charleston, we have a lot of experience regarding both auto accidents and drunk drivers. A car accident involving a drunk driver is very different from a standard auto accident case. If you've been injured by an intoxicated driver,...

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Does South Carolina Have Social Host Laws?

Tis’ the season to have holiday parties. Many of us enjoy the holiday season by engaging in social activities throughout the month of December. For adults who host parties often wonder what exposure they have to civil liability if their guests get intoxicated and...

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Pedestrian Safety Rules in South Carolina

Pedestrians (persons traveling by foot) use our roadways and sidewalks just as frequently as many drivers do. Whether they are running or jogging for exercise or walking to the grocery store, pedestrians have a right to be out there. Drivers of automobiles should be...

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