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If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in North Charleston, then you’re probably worried your job or school, your finances, and your future. That’s when you need the right North Charleston DUI lawyer from Futeral & Nelson to get you back on the road!

Call Futeral & Nelson today for a FREE and confidential meeting. When we meet with you, we’ll examine some of the circumstances surrounding your arrest and start to build a plan for your defense.

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In South Carolina, it is NOT illegal to have a drink and drive. It is ONLY illegal to drive while you are both mentally and physically impaired by alcohol or other drugs. In other words, just because you’ve been arrested for DUI doesn’t mean you’re guilty!

Before you decide to “go it alone” in criminal court, consider this – a DUI stays on your driving record for 10 years. Also, a DUI conviction can’t be expunged and stays on your criminal record permanently. Plus, you’ll have to pay the high cost of SR-22 insurance for three years. Lastly, your license will be suspended for many months. So don’t pay fines or plead guilty before you’ve met with us for free. Stephan Futeral and Thomas Nelson can help based on over 30 years of combined experience defending DUI arrests in North Charleston.

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At Futeral & Nelson, we aren’t lawyers who only try to negotiate a deal. The prosecution has the entire burden of proof on all issues and has to convince all jurors unanimously that you’re guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.” That’s a tough thing to do. We make it tougher by challenging EVERYTHING about your arrest such as whether there was a “reasonable and articulable” basis for stopping you, whether there was a “reasonable suspicion” that you were under the influence, whether any field sobriety tests were performed properly, whether any breath test was performed properly, whether the breath test machine was functioning properly, and much more.

You might be surprised at how often police officers, including the North Charleston Police Department, arrest innocent drivers for DUI. For example, according to a study by Clemson University, 32% of the time police officers mistakenly concluded that sober drivers failed field sobriety tests. Also, in many cases we’ve defended, video evidence shows that law enforcement oftentimes conduct field sobriety tests improperly.

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If you’ve refused the breath test, your license will be suspended for six months. Even then, we can challenge this suspension by requesting an administrative hearing (an implied consent hearing) to determine whether you were: (1) lawfully placed under arrest (did the police have probable cause to arrest you for DUI) and; (2) properly advised of your rights to refuse the test. While you are waiting on your hearing date and a decision, you are entitled to a temporary license that will allow you to drive anywhere you need to go day or night.

As for the breath test, it’s just one bit of evidence to prove DUI or DUAC. Importantly, there are many ways to challenge the breath test results such as whether: (1) you were properly advised that you may refuse the test; (2) the test was properly administered to you; and (3) the DMT Datamaster machine was functioning properly. In many other cases, we’ve uncovered that the breath test machine (the DMT Datamaster) didn’t function properly and registered a higher reading. These mistakes can mean a lesser charge from a DUI or a dismissal altogether!

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If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in North Charleston, then you may be confused or worried about what to do next. Our FREE eBook will help!

If you’re facing a DUI in North Charleston, then our book is a “must read.” Based on over 30 years of  their combined experience defending DUI’s in North Charleston and elsewhere in South Carolina, Stephan Futeral and Thomas Nelson wrote this free ebook – “DUI in South Carolina – Piecing It All Together.” 

Stephan and Thomas help you understand more about the laws and defense against DUI and to explain your rights in easy-to-understand terms. In this informative and insightful guide for drivers, you’ll find information covering DUI and Driving with an Unlawful Alcohol Concentration (DUAC) law; your rights before, during, and after arrest; administrative implied consent hearings; license suspension; field sobriety tests; the DMT DataMaster breath test machine; blood tests; penalties & costs for a DUI; preparing for court; how to be an effective witness; and much more.

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