“Legally Speaking” with Stephan Futeral

Join Charleston personal injury lawyer Stephan Futeral and his co-host, Orlando personal injury attorney Tina Willis, for a regular live broadcast of “Legally Speaking,” a live Google Plus Hangout on Air. Legally Speaking has something for everyone, non-lawyers and lawyers alike by featuring guest speakers such as lawyers, legal professionals, social media gurus, and many others from across the country. Some of the many topics explored during the show include:

  • Personal Injury Law
  • Criminal Defense
  • Family Law
  • DUI Defense
  • Social Security and Disabilities Law

Featured Guest & Show Highlights

In this broadcast of Legally Speaking, Tina’s and Stephan’s featured guest is Ron Miller of the law firm of Miller & Zois, a personal injury firm in Maryland. In this broadcast, Ron talks about how to place a value on a personal injury claim, whether you can recover for injury for your pets, the problems with personal injury settlement mills, how to decide which personal injury lawyer to hire, how social media works for lawyers, how caps on non-economic caps on personal injury and medical malpractice claims impact personal injury claims, the McDonald’s hot coffee case, and many other topics. Click here if you would like to follow Ron Miller on Google Plus.

Where to Watch Future Episodes

1) You can watch Legally Speaking here by following our Charleston Lawyers Blog. Subscribe to our blog, and you’ll receive notice of each episode!

2) You can watch live on Google Plus where you can engage during the live broadcast by commenting and asking questions of the hosts and guest speakers. Click here to open and join the Community Page for Legally Speaking where you’ll get notice of upcoming episodes and where you can comment, ask questions of featured guests, and add your ideas for future shows. Or, you can follow (circle) Stephan Futeral on Google Plus and receive upcoming Legally Speaking event notices. Thanks to everyone for tuning in to Legally Speaking!

3) You can watch Legally Speaking on Youtube by clicking here to subscribe to Stephan Futeral’s channel.

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