South Carolina’s Divorce & Family Laws

How to Divide a Pension in a South Carolina Divorce

As divorce attorneys in Charleston, we help spouses divide their marital assets and debts such as their home, their bank accounts, their credit cards debts, and 401(k)’s and IRA’s. Pensions, either vested or unvested, are also marital assets that must be divided....

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What is Marital vs. Non-Marital Property in South Carolina?

As Charleston divorce attorneys, we are asked in every case what property is at stake. The short answer is that the family court will be asked to divide the marital property. The family court doesn’t have the authority (or “jurisdiction”) to divide the non-marital...

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How to Financially Plan for Your Divorce in South Carolina

As a divorce attorney in Charleston, South Carolina, our law firm has handled cases both big and small where the parties had millions in assets or the parties were in a financial crisis and behind on their mortgage and credit cards. No matter what financial situation...

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The Consequences of Playing Games in Discovery

In Charleston and elsewhere, if you're a lawyer who handles personal injury claims, family court cases, or other types of litigation, then you deal with discovery in these lawsuits. In a civil lawsuit between two businesses that I've been handling for the past few...

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How Do You Prove Adultery in South Carolina?

As Charleston divorce lawyers, we've handled many cases that involve claims of adultery. When people catch their spouse cheating or are suspicious of their spouse cheating, they usually wonder whether they can prove adultery if they file a divorce case in family...

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South Carolina’s Marital Property Division Laws

As divorce lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina, we deal with the division of marital property. In this article, we'll discuss what is marital property in South Carolina, what is non-marital property, how the family court values marital property, how the court...

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