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Divorcing in Charleston Is Expensive & Risky

I’ve been a family court lawyer in Charleston for over 20 years and I know contested divorces, even using a cheap attorney, can be expensive. Also, you’re putting your family’s fate in the hands of divorce lawyers and a family court judge. However, through family court mediation you can get divorced cheaper and without the risk of family court.

Advantages of Mediation

Mediation is Cheaper & Safer

A family court mediator is a neutral person who’s formally trained to identify and to understand the issues and to help spouses reach an agreement. Most family court cases, even the tough ones, settle through mediation. So, instead of paying thousands of dollars to lawyers with no guarantees, you and your spouse can end your marriage cheaply and peacefully by mediating your divorce.

In Charleston, the court requires every divorcing couple to mediate, so why not mediate BEFORE you and your spouse pay expensive legal fees?! Here’s how in three straightforward steps:

Before your mediation, download and read my eBook on divorce in South Carolina. My book covers nearly everything you need to know. Best of all, it’s FREE! No sign-up; no catch. I’ve written book for divorcing couples in easy-to-understand explanations covering everything from custody, visitation, child support, alimony, and much more.

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I’m a certified family court mediator and I can help you and your spouse come to terms on your divorce. I don’t chose sides, I don’t judge anyone or anything, and everything we discuss is 100% confidential. You and your spouse can meet with me either together or separately in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Most mediations only take one day. During mediation, we’ll cover everything problem both you and your spouse need to solve in your divorce. With my help, we’ll work to come up with an agreement that both you and your spouse can live by. If you and your spouse reach an agreement, then you’ve saved the cost of two divorce lawyers and you’re on to Step 3!
If you and your spouse reach an agreement, I will prepare a formal document that you can use in family court. I will also give you and your spouse all of the forms and step-by-step instructions on how to finalize your divorce. 
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Divorce in South Carolina

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Divorce in South Carolina - Piecing It All Together

Getting divorced is rarely easy. We wrote this practical, insightful book to guide you through it.

Divorce in South Carolina – Piecing It All Together, is free on the iTunes® Bookstore or as a PDF! We wrote this book especially for divorcing couples in South Carolina.

With over 100 pages of information covering South Carolina’s family laws, you’ll get straightforward answers to just about any questions you might have about how the family court calculates alimony and child support, division of marital property including pensions and IRA’s, the role of a guardian ad litem in custody cases, temporary hearings and orders, and the legal procedures in South Carolina’s family courts.

The book is also a practical guide on how to deal with your spouse and your children during your divorce, what to do if your spouse is hiding income or assets, ways to reduce your legal fees, and much more.

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If you want to mediate your divorce without the expense and the headache of family court lawyers and litigation, then call me. I also offer discounts for law enforcement, military, police, and firefighters. 843-284-5500.
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