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The Process of Discovery in a South Carolina Lawsuit

Our trial lawyers at Futeral & Nelson are regularly involved in both circuit court (civil court) and family court lawsuits. In nearly every case, it is important to make sure we have the evidence necessary to prove or defend our case in the event it doesn’t settle...

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What is a Reasonable Legal Fee in South Carolina?

In a recent family court case I was involved in, a lawyer who has practiced law for 3 years and who has filed only 4 family court cases in Charleston asked the court to award $300 per hour for legal fees. To put this lawyer’s hourly rate into perspective, many family...

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The Consequences of Playing Games in Discovery

In Charleston and elsewhere, if you're a lawyer handles personal injury claims , family court matters, or other types of litigation, then you deal with discovery in these lawsuits. In a civil lawsuit between two businesses that I've been handling for the past few...

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How to Collect Your Legal Fees in South Carolina

Oftentimes our lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina are asked if a client  can collect their attorney's fees if they win their case. In South Carolina, attorney’s fees can only be recovered by contract, statute, or (less commonly) for "equitable indemnification." For...

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