South Carolina’s DUI Laws

What is a Felony DUI in South Carolina?

For any Charleston DUI lawyer, defending a felony DUI is much more challenging, and the stakes are higher than defending a municipal or magistrate level DUI such as a DUI 1st. In South Carolina, felony DUI is the bodily injury or the death of another person....

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What is the Cost of a DUI in South Carolina?

As DUI defense attorneys in Mt. Pleasant and Charleston, we're often asked how much it costs if you're charged with a DUI. We recently saw some billboards around that had a picture of a State Trooper holding a breathalyzer up to a person being arrested for DUI. The...

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How to Defend a DUI South Carolina

As a DUI defense lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina, I'm oftentimes asked about the "process," from start to finish, after someone is arrested for DUI. This article provides an overview of the process for someone charged with a DUI 1st offense. If it is a DUI 2nd...

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How to Prepare for Court in South Carolina

As attorneys in Charleston, South Carolina, we write many articles about the law concerning personal injury claims, criminal defense, family court, and so many other legal topics. However, it occurs to us that sometimes we may overlook the “basics.” One of these...

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How to Expunge Your Criminal Record in South Carolina

Our criminal defense lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina often get asked about expungement of criminal records. Whenever we successfully defend someone accused of a crime, we follow-up by having our client's record expunged. However, many times we get calls from...

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Blood Alcohol Limits Infographic ▪ Charleston DUI Lawyer

Under South Carolina law, the legal blood alcohol (BA) limits are: (1) Less than .05 - It is conclusively presumed that the person was not under the influence of alcohol. (2) Greater than .05 but less than .08 - No inference whether the person was under the influence...

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What Are Field Sobriety Tests in South Carolina?

In most of the DUI or DUAC cases that our Mount Pleasant DUI lawyers handle, Field Sobriety Testing (FST) is the primary method a police officer uses to establish probable cause. Most officers use the three (3) “standardized” tests proscribed by the National Highway...

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