South Carolina’s Laws

What is the Crime of Arson in South Carolina?

As criminal defense attorneys in Charleston, South Carolina, our lawyers deal with the defense of arson charges. In South Carolina, a conviction for arson can result in serious consequences including jail time and other penalties. In this article, we explain what is...

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Texting & Driving Laws in South Carolina

As criminal lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina, we deal with both criminal defense and auto accident cases that involve texting while driving. Texting while driving is very dangerous because text messaging takes the driver's visual, manual, and cognitive attention...

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What is Burglary in South Carolina?

Over the years, our criminal defense attorneys in Charleston, South Carolina have defended people who have been charged with burglary. In South Carolina, there are different "degrees" of burglary that have different penalties for each. Some of these burglary degrees...

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What is Criminal Domestic Violence in South Carolina?

Our Charleston criminal defense lawyers deal with criminal domestic violence cases in family court and criminal court. In other words, we’ve defended persons accused of criminal domestic violence and have helped victims of CDV. In 2015, our law was changed, and now...

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How Do I Report Nursing Home Abuse in South Carolina?

As a nursing home abuse lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina, I've dealt with some heartbreaking cases involving abuse and neglect of the elderly and disabled. Unfortunately, incidents of nursing home abuse and neglect occur far too often in South Carolina and the...

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How Do I Get Out of Jury Duty in South Carolina?

As lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina, we represent our clients in civil and criminal jury trials. Serving on a jury in South Carolina is an important role in our judicial system. In this article, we examine exemptions for jury duty, disqualifications from jury...

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