Our Charleston lawyers practice primarily in three fields – family law, criminal defense (including DUI), and civil law such as personal injury claims, and employment law disputes. From time to time, I’ve been asked why we don’t focus on just one area of the law as some other lawyers do. Here’s why:

1. Legal Diversity Has Its Advantages

The overlap between various fields of law occurs more than people think. Because we’ve handled a variety of cases, we’re prepared to handle “curve balls” when they are thrown at you.

Our criminal defense experience has advantages in civil cases. One example is where alcohol is involved in an auto accident case. As DUI defense lawyers, we have extensively studied the effects of alcohol on the human body. When an auto accident case involve’s a drunk driver, we have an advantage when it comes to proving whether someone was under the influence. Also, sometimes a party in a case has a criminal record or has criminal charges pending. In these cases, we can better assess the effect that the record or charges will have on your case.

Our criminal defense experience has advantages in family court cases. Here’s one example when our criminal experience may come into play in family court cases. Sometimes, a party in a family court case is charged with criminal domestic violence. The allegations may be legitimate, or they may be fabricated in order for the accuser to gain an advantage in the child custody battle. Whether we represent the victim or the accused, we know what to expect regarding the criminal charges.

Our civil experience has advantages in family court cases. When couples divorce, they often face challenges such as insurance coverage issues, home foreclosure issues, tax issues, a family-run business, or the collection of debts against the couple. Sometimes a husband or wife is trying to juggle conflict with both their spouse and their business partner at the same time. Also, as business lawyers we’ve deal with the complicated analysis of business values. So, if you are involved in a divorce that involves the valuation of your spouse’s business as a marital asset, we know exactly how to deal with this situation. Having dealt directly with such a variety of civil cases, including business matters, we can advise the divorce clients what to expect.

Don’t let the fact that we handle complicated cases make you think that we forgot how to handle the simpler ones. While we don’t limit ourselves to one field, our experience in each of our particular fields speaks for itself. We stay up on new developments in the law in all of our practice areas. That’s we we blog so frequently on the legal areas that we deal with day in and day out – to try to help South Carolinians understand the common legal issues that may impact them.

2. You Only Need ONE Lawyer in Charleston

You wouldn’t want to have to find a new accountant every time a new tax issue arises or a new mechanic every time you need help with your car. So why do you want to have to find a new lawyer every time you have either a legal issue that requires representation or even just a simple question? We have many long-time clients that have hired us for some combination of divorce issues, business matters, criminal charges, and car wrecks. These clients have developed trust in us. When they have a new issue, they don’t have to go through a new intake process with a new law firm. They simply call this firm where we know them by name. Sometimes, clients send us a quick email describing a new issue. If we can respond with a simple answer, we will. If it seems like it might be more involved or if there is more to it than they realize, we will call them up or have them come in to talk face-to-face. Here are some real world examples:

Recently we helped a client with a business matter. His kid got arrested while the matter was going on. Instead of panicking, he called us, we were able to put him at ease, and we were able to help his child with the charge.

Another example is where a client was in a civil dispute with his employer over some money. In order to gain leverage, the employer accused him of stealing money from the company and took out a warrant on him. The client came to us to handle the civil claim for money and the criminal defense of the charge. When it came down to strategizing the best course for both cases and with keeping the client informed, he was happy to have one lawyer on both cases.

3. With Experience Comes A Network of Valuable Relationships

Rarely do we run into a situation where we don’t know where to begin. We’ve been in front nearly every circuit court, family court, and magistrate court judge in the Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester areas. We’ve dealt with lawyers from all areas of law, from prosecutors, solo practitioners, to big insurance defense firm lawyers. We’ve been in just about every courtroom around. We know who the players are in the legal community. Our experience has also led us to work with doctors, psychologists, realtors, appraisers, builders, accountants, law enforcement, prosecutors, business owners, and many other professions.

Charleston Lawyers for Divorce, DUI, Criminal Defense, and Personal Injury Claims

We are honored when a client thinks of us as “their lawyer.” We take it as a compliment when a client who hasn’t needed us in years remembers how we handled their case and calls us up when they need help again. If we have a client with an issue outside of our areas of practice, instead of that client having to ask around or search the internet hoping to find a good lawyer in that area, we will give them a referral to someone we trust. We want to put our clients in good hands if we can’t help them ourselves.

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